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District M is a digital media company that offers programmatic solutions to advertisers and publishers. Discover Boost our proprietary monetization platform for publishers and ask us about our data targeting and reporting platform for advertisers!
We are located in Montreal, Toronto and New York.

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Reporting and Anti-Fraud

Transparency above all

Take a look at Camp

Our amazing campaign reporting platform!

Camp was specifically designed to allow you to track the delivery of your campaigns in real-time. Camp offers you complete transparency into the delivery and performance of all your programmatic campaigns, and a wealth of additional insights.

Access to Camp comes free with every campaign delivered by District M.

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Our Antifraud tech

DragonFly our analysis platform enables us to combat fraud based on a set of key indicators :

Analysis of click areas

Blacklisting of devices that generate automatic clicks (usually located on a banner’s border).

Number of impressions made by a single device

Analysis of the number of impressions made by a single device on a single website. Blacklisting of the devices that generate unusually high page views or visits.

Traffic proportions

Analysis of traffic proportions coming from PC vs Apple for websites that we buy inventory from.Blacklisting of websites that have an unusually highproportion of PCs (indicates a strong risk of robots).

Blacklisting of devices

Blacklisting of devices that generate multiple clicks for a single impression.


Analysis of websites that have a big portion of itstraffic being generated by a small amount of devices. Blacklisting of these websites.

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We understand the importance of reaching the right customer at the right time.

District M offers Omni-channel targeting along with a variety of effective formats tailored to your needs.