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District M is a digital media company that offers programmatic solutions to advertisers and publishers. Discover Boost our proprietary monetization platform for publishers and ask us about our data targeting and reporting platform for advertisers!
We are located in Montreal, Toronto and New York.

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Holistic yield optimization suite

We’re marketing industry veterans developing innovative and transparent publisher revenue solutions


Incremental demand
Low latency
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Yield optimization
Quality control

District M Exchange

High quality, high performance digital exchange

Access incremental demand in a brand safety controlled programmatic environment with vertical and horizontal campaign scale. The District M exchange offers sellers impression level optimization performance and blazing response times, under 300ms. Access is easy and incredibly fast with just a few lines of code to deploy, and a fully serviced and API driven integration.


Increase revenue an average of 30 – 60% in a transparent, controlled and brand safe unified auction environment.

Discover District M's Header Bidding solution!

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District M Platform

Boost: Programmatic publisher platform

Easily manage every aspect of your inventory monetization with the Boost platform.

With a dedicated section for ad quality, Boost gives you full control over what’s delivered on your website. This feature rich self serve platform also gives you direct access to District M’s  Header Bidding tags and offers you full transparency over your monetization performance thanks to its extensive reporting options.

District M Services

Deluxe publisher support and yield optimization services

District M invests in your success, and we’re committed to helping ensure performance at each stage of our relationship. Our solutions and technologies are built for publishers by publishers, and so we approach each integration with keen insights on what’s needed to succeed. District M’s team of  experts is always available to help you get the best performance out of our programmatic publisher solutions by providing you with yield optimization, world class support and thorough quality control.

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