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District M is a digital media company that offers programmatic solutions to advertisers and publishers. Discover Boost our proprietary monetization platform for publishers and ask us about our data targeting and reporting platform for advertisers!
We are located in Montreal, Toronto and New York.

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Make sure to be seen...

Reveal – A District M exclusivity

The first creative that guarantees viewability!

District M transforms your 300×250 banner into a custom-made creative ad that invites users to discover the entire banner.

The Reveal activates itself on mouseover or after 5 seconds of continuous visibility.

Advertisers only pay when their banner is 100% revealed!

Demo page

Chameleon – A District M exclusivity

District M’s new smart format

A dynamic banner that adjusts its design based on the website on which it is delivered.

Simply provide us with a title, a description and an image for your ad, and let the magic happen!

Demo page


High visibility and a simple setup : try it!

Your brand takes over a website with two vertical adaptative overlay, helping you reach maximum impact

Demo page

Video billboard

Combine promotional video with an impactful banner format

Create brand engagement by offering users the possibility to watch a video within your banner. Also available in 300×600, this exclusive format also allows you to integrate 360 videos. Try it now!

Demo page

Discover our High Impact Formats!

District M allows you to reach your customers whenever and wherever they are through a variety of formats disseminated through different channels: Banners (Iab), Video, Facebook, Instagram, Mobile apps…

And there’s no minimum budget required.

Set up your campaign now!