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District M is a digital media company that offers programmatic solutions to advertisers and publishers. Discover Boost our proprietary monetization platform for publishers and ask us about our data targeting and reporting platform for advertisers!
We are located in Montreal, Toronto and New York.

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District M start-up stands tall amongst digital media giants

District M start-up stands tall amongst digital media giants

District M is ranked 15th in the Pixalate rankings, which makes it part of the top 20 among industry giants like Google and AOL. Every two months, Pixalate, an independent organization releases its Global Seller Trust Index, a ratings system used by programmatic advertisers. It delivers data-driven rankings for both the quality and security of display inventory. Benchmarking metrics such as viewability and fraud, the Index is being utilized ever more frequently as a means of vetting inventory and optimizing buys.

While about 80% of the companies included in the rankings have more than 100 employees, District M, with its 35 employees, has quickly managed to position itself as a premium network for advertisers buying programmatic ad inventory.


Something to be proud of!


We all work really hard to ensure our advertisers have access to quality ad inventory. It really is a nice recognition to stand next to industry giants in Pixalate’s rankings. However, there are still 14 more steps to climb to reach the top of the podium, so expect us to keep pushing towards that goal,” said Benoit Skinazi, SVP Sales & Marketing at District M.

Click here to go to Pixalate’s rankings: http://www.pixalate.com/sellertrustindex/#!global