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District M is a digital media company that offers programmatic solutions to advertisers and publishers. Discover Boost our proprietary monetization platform for publishers and ask us about our data targeting and reporting platform for advertisers!
We are located in Montreal, Toronto and New York.

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Benoit Skinazi, in the Canadian TV show “PME en action”.

Benoit Skinazi, in the Canadian TV show “PME en action”.

Benoit Skinazi, co-founder and SVP of Sales and Marketing at District M, has been interviewed in the Canadian TV show “PME en action” on March 25, 2016.


The interview in 4 key-points:


  • First, Benoit starts by talking about the programmatic industry, he explains how it only takes about 200 to 600 milliseconds to determine if an ad will appear or not on a publisher’s website. Currently Publishers are able to sell their ad inventory online to advertisers through ad exchanges in real-time. In the same way, advertisers are able to buy this inventory through an auction process that would determine the CPM price they would pay for each ad to be placed. DMPs (Data Management Platforms) allow to collect users’ information based on their purchase habits, interests and intentions and determine which ad would target the right person, at the right place, at the right time.


  • District M is ranked 15th in Pixalate rankings, next to major American players such as Google and AOL. Pixalate analyses the quality of the inventory of ad networks available on ad exchanges for advertisers and deliver rankings based on several metrics.


  • What differentiates District M from the competition is that we offer technological solutions for publishers and advertisers. With BOOST by District M, we provide publishers with a deluxe concierge service that offers a mix of complementary solutions that provide high CPM, 100% viewable formats and strong back fill. More than 5000 websites worldwide are now using this technology. On the other hand, COMPASS is District M’s DMP that allows us to target specific users online based on their interests and intentions.


  • In addition, Benoit mentions that District M’s success is also due to its presence in the US market, where we anticipate to open new offices and expand our services.


To find the complete interview (in French) please follow the link: http://www.tvanouvelles.ca/videos/4817779895001